Clients usually come to us with a specific health concern. (We may call this a ‘primary concern’, or ‘chief complaint’.) The Kinesiology approach, is to work broadly, ensuring that all related issues, surrounding or feeding the primary concern, are resolved. ┬áThese may be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

These ‘related issues’ are often sitting just below the surface, and their relationship to the primary concern, can be easily overlooked, but are often key in restoring balance.

This is really what the word “Holistic” refers to: the fact that all areas, or pillars, are addressed to resolve an issue, rather than only one pillar. This approach works toward a positive outcome, with a deeper, more lasting level of harmony.

You can imagine that if only one pillar is being addressed, the problem is likely to remain unresolved, or recur ongoing.


An example that we like to use is this:

Imagine you are in a car accident. You sustain injuries, the car is written off, you deal with the injuries and have surgery or physiotherapy as required to heal and regain your health. You might also have a little time off work to recover from the shock.


Time passes, your car is replaced, the scars are healing, but the problems continue, and new problems related to the original injury are now appearing. You may continue to need further surgery, more physiotherapy, more medication; it’s as if the body is unable to properly heal, and you aren’t sure why. It’s frustrating and inconvenient, and you just want to get better!


At this point, some people may choose to accept, that this is how their life will be from now on, and there is nothing that can be done to change. They simply have to ‘live with it’.


However, what can often happen, is the emotional trauma from the original accident, or maybe a mental belief about why the accident happened, is caught within the cells and fibres of the body. While this trauma or belief is being held, in the cells, the body can not repair itself.


Kinesiology can release this trauma from the cells. Once this is released, the body is free and unrestricted to do what it does best. Return to wellness. The surgery and physiotherapy will now be able to properly take effect, and the body can repair itself naturally.

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