Client Feedback

“Thank you Malinda! A fantastic kinesiology session where I felt safe and supported to begin healing the traumatic birth of my gorgeous daughter. I am very grateful to have your caring supportive professional approach during this process.”

Dance teacher

“I had session with Malinda and she is absolutely fantastic!! So patient, precise and professional.
I do recommend Four Pillars Kinesiology to everyone who needs seeing kinesiologist. You defilitely will be happy with the session 

Anne, Childrens Entertainer

“I get recurring pain down the right side of my arm. When I went to see Malinda, the pain was probably an 8/10. By the end of the session it was down to a 3/10, it was such a dramatic change I was so amazed! Thank you so much! ☺️🙏”

Jo (Google review)

“Great session, the tension in my neck has greatly reduced. The holistic approach to alleviate pain was very effective.”

Ernesto (Google review)

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