How are you feeling, right now?

Simple Awareness

Remember to take a moment, each day, to stop, look inwards, and reflect on how you’re feeling. If you only have 5 minutes, then just do 5 minutes.

If you can sit quietly at home or in a ‘safe place’ to do this short practice, then that is wonderful. But on the days when, life feels hectic, and it’s not possible to simply sit and just be in your own space, you can still give this a go.
So, take a moment, when you’re on the bus or train, when you’re waiting at school pick up, or in a queue at an ATM.  If you do this daily, it will become easier each time, to focus inwards and listen to what your own body is wanting to express.

So where to begin?
Just pause. Feel the stillness of your body. Become aware of your breath. Listen to your breath, or, feel your own breath. Place your hand on your heart if it will help you focus.
Pause a few moments, then….. gently…… ask yourself, how do I feel?

  • Physically, how do I feel? What aches or sensations am I experiencing?
  • Mentally, am I busy, calm, or otherwise?
  • Emotionally, what is sitting under the surface, or is something screaming at me?
  • Spiritually, do I feel a connection with my life? And what does that feel like?

This simple daily act of taking just a moment, to be aware, acknowledge, and respect how we are feeling, can begin to bring about a new state of being and increased wellness.

With the busy-ness of our everyday life and daily demands, it’s easy to be totally distracted and disconnected from the wisdom of our own body, and of our own being.  This simple practice of taking a moment to listen inwards once again, is one of the first steps to achieving greater health, wellness, and contentment.

Want more?

When / if you feel ready to take another step, you may like to ‘feel into’ any similarities between the sensations, on the different levels.  For example, does the ache in my physical body have a common theme or thread with one of the emotions I’m feeling?
See what comes to you. Observe or witness what arises.

Special note:

Remember, there’s no need to judge what comes up, as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, just acknowledge it. You don’t have to immediately set about trying to change something.  Allow it to be there. For now.
The act of paying attention to your own self, is powerful in its own way.

If you’d like to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to call for a chat or to book in.