Back Pain

Treating a bad back

In Kinesiology, each person is assessed individually and in a holistic way. Balance is restored in a manner that is unique to the client, rather than generalised to the symptoms presenting.  This way of working helps them relieve pain and increase health and wellness for the long term.

Holistic Kinesiology is complementary medicine, which utilises ancient medicine techniques for modern day health problems. Our body has its own way of communicating where there is an issue, and pain is one of these methods of communication. Chronic pain is a build up of energy, and our body is telling us that balance needs to be restored.

For example, using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practices, lower back pain can often be linked to the kidney meridian. Each meridian is an energy pathway, and each meridian has its own characteristics from a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual perspective, and therefore there are many different approaches that may be relevant.

The kidney meridian starts in the soles of our feet so (dependant on your situation) it can be beneficial to walk barefoot on grass or sand, to help the kidney meridian restore balance. It’s worth keeping in mind that kidneys are related to the adrenals, anxiety and fears.
When did you last take time to walk barefoot on the earth, and allow yourself to thoroughly enjoy the sensation?

Another approach we take in Kinesiology is Ayurvedic medicine; for example, if you have upper back pain, your practitioner may look at the heart chakra and discuss ways to restore balance here. Once again the chakras each have their own physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects.
Looking at this from an emotional standpoint: Are you able to both give and receive love, and do so unconditionally?
Do you treat yourself with care and love?

Malinda explains, “If we disconnect ourselves from nature, or deny ourselves care and self-love for extended periods of time, these eventually manifest in our physical body, and typically with some form of pain.”

If you are suffering from back pain, why not make some basic changes:  Begin with 15 minutes of barefoot walking (preferably outdoors) each day and notice the difference. Take time to sit quietly and reflect on how you could show love to yourself and others in a balanced way. Do you need to treat yourself to some quiet time doing something you love? Ask yourself, are you comfortable to accept yourself as you are?

Note; The examples given here may not be applicable to your situation, so it’s best to experience a Kinesiology session first, where Malinda will use bio-feedback to gain insight about the underlying source of your specific pain or discomfort.