What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology & MindBody Medicine is a holistic blend of western medicine (allopathic), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurvedic and various other modalities, including structure and posture assessment, colour therapy, and essences.

It’s a gentle complementary medicine, using muscle monitoring as a key communication tool during the session, to help locate where there is stress or blockage, and therefore where harmony and balance needs to be restored.

Once this balance is restored (to homeostasis) this will relieve the symptoms for the client, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

One particular difference with Kinesiology is that we engage and work with more than one pillar, or more than one facet, of our being at a time.  In this way, we aim to achieve a deeper level, and longer lasting return to harmony.  Another key difference from other modalities, is that every session is client centred, and with a focus on the client learning to ‘take the reigns’ with their own health.

The Experience

A Kinesiology session (or “balance”) can sometimes feel a little like a “choose your own adventure”.  Each session is quite unique. No two sessions are the same.  Most often there will be quite a bit of conversation and engagement during the appointment.