Why Plant-Based Nutrition?

I’m pleased to share with you that I’ve completed my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate!  I’ve been keen to expand and re-affirm my knowledge of the WFPB lifestyle for some time.  Over the last 6 years or more, I’ve been learning, exploring, and testing the waters with this way forward. The Certificate course through T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies and eCornell, was my next step.

The WFPB (whole food plant-based) way of eating, sits perfectly in alignment with Holistic Kinesiology, in many ways:

  • A “wholistic” approach rather than “reductionist”. We employ whole foods, and not fragmented, isolated parts/components of foods. Much the same in Kinesiology, my approach is on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and energetic
  • WHOLE BODY health, nourishing all parts of the body at once to support synergistic function, not just focussing on one organ at a time, or one ailment in isolation for example. Likewise kinesiology methods are to benefit your whole being and all of what you’re experiencing
  • A return to homeostasis (and with that, balance and harmony)
  • ABUNDANCE and variety, rather than limitation and constraint
  • Enjoyment, fulfilment and nourishment for EVERY single cell of the body
  • Awareness, mindfulness and self-healing
  • Taking control of your own health, in a natural way
  • A proactive preventative approach
  • Long-term lasting health, rather than a short term ‘bandaid’ fix or isolated temporary repair
  • Achievable and attainable for everyone
  • Very relevant for all stages of life; pregnancy, infancy, teenage years, adult to elderly
  • A goal to remove that which is causing the harm/issue in the first place, so that natural health is free to express and shine through you
  • Nutrition and nourishment. The same way that in kinesiology we look at what will nourish your mind, heart and soul, the WFPB diet nourishes your body (without side effects)
  • ‘First do no harm’ – the Vegan WFPB way of eating does not increase inflammation, plaque, toxins and chemicals, nor does it introduce foreign matter (eg animal hormones), and cause overactivity of the immune system
  • No unwanted side effects or collateral damage
  • For the health of the individual, and also the planet and all inhabitants. The same way that kinesiology works to lift the vibration of one person, and they in turn lift the vibration of those around them – like a ripple effect
  • Energy / chi / prana. Many people now recognise that ‘everything is energy’. As much as this certificate doesn’t cover the energy of food per se, there is of course lots of discussion about this elsewhere. Do you realise that when I use a crystal or sound therapy in my clinic, I’m doing so, because the energy this provides for the client is what they need to restore balance. Similarly, I recommend food for clients, that also has positive vibration/energy to gently support them out of imbalance and dis-ease, and to halt the consumption of dis-ease forming energy/substances. 

All of these reasons listed above are completely in alignment with the Kinesiology that I practice. 

Hand on my heart, I feel and believe in the deepest parts of my core, that the Vegan WFPB way of eating is critically important for the better health of each individual, and in fact the planet as a whole. 

The scientific evidence is there, available to all, and can not be denied.  We have increasing communities and new organisations that are sharing the knowledge about a WFPB future, towards a multitude of positive outcomes. This way of thinking may temporarily be an inconvenience for some, and change takes time I understand. 

The WFPB diet is not a new and passing trend. It’s been around for some decades, and I’m pleased to be part of its expansion. 

I would be honoured and humbled, if you would like any assistance with making a change, even a small change, at a pace that is comfortable for you and relevant to your concerns. 

Plant-Based Nutrition Program