Why Plant-Based Nutrition?

I’ve completed my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate! Hand on my heart, I believe deeply that the WFPB way of eating is critically important for the better health of everyone.

Sacral Chakra. Mango recipe.

Sacral Chakra & recipe

Celebrating Sacral Chakra Our Sacral chakra (also known as Svadhisthana chakra) is represented in orange tones, and sits just below the naval. Sacral chakra is about relationships in all areas …


How are you feeling, right now?

Simple Awareness Remember to take a moment, each day, to stop, look inwards, and reflect on how you’re feeling.┬áIf you only have 5 minutes, then just do 5 minutes. If …

Kinesiology for back Pain

Back Pain

Treating a bad back In Kinesiology, each person is assessed individually and in a holistic way. Balance is restored in a manner that is unique to the client, rather than …

Calm Kids with Kinesiology

Calm Breathing for young children

Is your child experiencing anxiety, fluctuating emotions, or lack of focus? It’s well known that calm, deep breathing helps soothe the nervous system (with special note to the vagus nerve), …

What is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology & MindBody Medicine is a holistic blend of western medicine (allopathic), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurvedic and various other modalities, including structure and posture assessment, colour therapy, and essences. …